Do HCG Drops Work?

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Can HCG Drops Really Help You Lose Weight?

Considering the role of HCG in pregnancy, you may wonder if this hormone can really aid weight loss. In actual fact, there has much been debate as to whether or not it does with some experts suggesting that you would lose weight without the assistance of HCG Drops if you were to follow a very low calorie diet, which is the basis of the HCG diet.

Those who do believe in the value of HCG as a weight loss aid assert two important roles of HCG in the weight loss process. Firstly, that medical HCG drops can help to control hunger in those taking it and secondly, that this hormone helps the dieter retain muscle mass during the weight loss period. When you consider the nature of the HCG diet, also known as the 500 calorie diet as this is traditionally the amount of calories consumed during the weight loss phase; these effects of HCG use are extremely valuable. Most people would struggle to commit to eating just 500 calories daily without the assistance of HCG to reduce hunger.

In addition to this, one of the reasons for ‘rebound weight gain’ following a calorie restricted diet is that the dieter often loses a lot of muscle with such severe restrictions in place. Muscle is a valuable metabolic tissue and by helping the dieter retain their muscle mass HCG is believed to support long-term weight maintenance following completion of the HCG diet protocol. HCG prevents the muscle loss commonly associated with low calorie diets by mobilizing stores of excess fat to be used as an energy source for the dieter, effectively burning fat and protecting muscle in the process.

When considering whether or not HCG drops can help you lose weight, it is also prudent to note that the original HCG diet protocol developed in the 1950’s utilized HCG in the injection form. While this does not mean that drops are an unacceptable form of HCG to use, there are some variations in the two delivery methods which are discussed in more detail here – HCG: Drops or Injections?