What are HCG Drops?

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about the metabolism-boosting hCG diet and are looking for an alternative to hCG injections as used in the original hCG diet developed by Dr Simeons back in the 1960’s. The good news is that certain types of hCG drops can make an excellent substitute to injections. So what exactly are hCG drops, what should you look for and what should you avoid? Read on to find out.

What are HCG Diet Drops?

HCG drops are, quite simply, a liquid form of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone has an important role in nourishment and development of the growing fetus in early pregnancy and as such, HCG is produced most abundantly by pregnant women. Although it may seem amazing to consider, HCG drops have been used extensively since the 1950’s to aid weight loss in overweight individuals.

HCG drops are generally a sublingual form of the hormone, meaning that they are designed to be taken orally with the majority of absorption into the bloodstream occurring via the sensitive tissues of the mouth. There are 2 forms of HCG available on the market, medical HCG available in drops, pillules and injections and homeopathic HCG. There is some debate over which is the best form of HCG to use for weight loss, prescription or homeopathic.

Why Are They Often Called ‘Diet Drops’?

To the average man or woman in the street, the most likely context in which they have heard the term ‘hCG’ is because of its use as a weight loss aid in medically supervised weight loss programs. They might also have come across the plethora of ‘look-alike’ products aggressively punted by dicey websites all over the internet. However, there’s a lot more to hCG drops than just that.

Yes, it is a Weight Loss Aid, But…

Just taking drops is not going to help you to lose weight all on its own. You need to eat a very calorie restricted diet so that the hCG is able to reset your metabolism. The combination of hCG and a strict diet gets your body into a condition in which you will lose fat. You won’t waste away muscle (which a lot of crash diets can result in) and you’ll gradually re-introduce calories as you stop taking hCG so that you can work out how much you should be eating in the ordinary way.

Other Medical Uses of hCG Drops

Weight loss is not the only reason why a doctor would prescribe hCG. It’s chief use is in assisting young men suffering from delayed puberty and hypogonadism, a condition in which testosterone levels are insufficient. In fact, it was while treating young men for this problem that Dr Simeons, founder of the hCG diet, first noticed the effect of hCG on weight loss.

In addition, hCG is used as a fertility treatment for those who have difficulty in conceiving. In some cases, hCG will promote fertility by regulating ovulation.

Don’t be Mislead

Some people might see hCG ‘diet drops’ as being an easy, hassle free way of losing weight – there’s a lot more to it than that. You really need to be committed to what you’re going to do since self-discipline will be vital to your success. If you’re not ready for a lifestyle change once you stop taking hCG, you shouldn’t be considering ‘diet drops’ at all.

There are also lots of fake hCG products out there. The acid test is this: did you need a doctor’s prescription? If you didn’t, then your product is probably not real hCG at all…

Get Real hCG

There are lots of products designed as money-spinners by people who don’t care about you, your weight loss or your health. Avoid these at all costs. Yes, you’ll pay more for prescription hCG, but at least its legal and at least your product will contain hCG. The latest fad is for ‘homeopathic’ or ‘hormone free’ hCG and neither of these products actually contain hCG, at least, in sufficient quantities to make any difference to your metabolism.

If you’re buying a ‘fake’ hCG product, chances are, it isn’t even legal. Get a prescription and medical support (you can find this online) and do things the sensible way. Buying your hCG drops from an organization that does not have FDA approval means you’re on your own if you have any difficulties later on. You’re going to swallow this. Make sure it comes from a regulated source.

Some people will tell you that the diet will do the trick without hCG. Don’t try this. The hCG diet is extremely difficult and can even be dangerous unless your metabolism has the support of hCG to help it get into a new mode.

Real hCG comes with a prescription, requires mixing at home (the mixture will have a limited shelf life) and should contain at least 5000IU of human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

Side Effects

The drops themselves should not cause any side effects in most people. The early portion of the diet is often uncomfortable, but hCG should help you get through it. If, however, you experience severe nausea and vomiting, you should consult a doctor. Read more about hCG safety and side effects here.


Provided that you use real hCG and follow the diet protocol carefully, you should lose 1 to 2 pounds every day you’re on the diet. You can’t continue for too long, but you’ll see a marked difference really fast. The last phase of the diet will help you to work out how much you should eat in the normal way so that you won’t regain the weight later.

How to Find Real hCG Drops

You can get a prescription and medical support during the diet online. Make absolutely sure that you get both of these, since getting hCG without a prescription means that its unregulated and may be just about anything and embarking on the hCG diet will mean that you need to have someone to talk to about your experiences, particularly if you end up with concerns or questions that need a medical opinion. Don’t go for cheap options. In this case, ‘cheap’ could mean playing with your health and wellness.

Common hCG Errors

Apart from getting ‘fake’ hCG drops, common errors include:

  • Thinking hCG on its own will do the trick. It won’t. You need the diet and the hCG.
  • Deciding to try the diet without hCG. Don’t. It could be very bad for you.
  • Not following all the phases of the diet: for example, a lot of people don’t see the point of the initial ‘loading’ phase in which you eat as much as you can of everything you like. It’s an important part of the program and your results won’t be what they could or should be if you skip it.
  • Thinking it’s over as soon as you stop taking hCG. Monitor your weight carefully and get advice if you begin to regain any weight. You’ve worked hard to get this far, don’t spoil it at the finish line.